Services overview

Quality Assurance


To provide the principal security for the successful completion of the project, Steegman electronics Ltd. uses when designing / developing, manufacturing, installing and aftercare a quality system based on ISO 9001: 2008. Also, we can call ourselves BORG Technical Security company and we are certified to perform electrical safety tests in accordance with the criteria of Supervision in the context of safety legislation for VCA **. Partly from this we derive our 86-year existence. This is partly evidenced by the already long-standing relationship with various clients. Each project shall assess and apply specific qualities and is drawn up into a plan and incorporated into the planning.


Our company has the predicate VCA ** and is fully in accordance with the procedures of this safety management. To promote good working conditions at work we use a Health and Safety Policy Plan. In carrying out activities they usually occurs next example, a building contractor. This occurs in many cases to coordinate the work. It is customary that one of them in cooperation with other contractors jointly a project (Occupational Health / Safety) is produced for all contractors. In addition to this project are additional guidelines / instructions specific to that job, provided to the manager mechanic.

As part of the promotion of working conditions, the majority of staff completed the first aid training successfully and are provided regular training courses. Also, most of the mechanics, the course ‘Safe working on low voltage installations followed. Incidentally, in our work the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and the provisions set out in the NEN 1010, NEN 3140 and where appropriate handled NEN 3134, indicating the precautions to prevent accidents.


In the execution of projects to ensure the quality, safety, health and environmental, a management system has been set up within Steegman electronics Ltd. in order to:

  • The organization of the company and the implementation of optimizing the work itself and to manage that the needs and understandings of the clients can be met.
  • The continuous improvement of the working and environmental conditions in order to avoid possible personal injury, as well as environmental and material damage. Both for its own employees and third parties.

This process is captured and secured in an internal management system that meets and is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and VCA **.