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Fire protection

The devastating effects of fire to a building or enterprise is not to be underestimated. A fire alarm system is designed to identify an outbreak of fire in such an early stage that this fight can take place and measures can be taken in time to safeguard humans, animals and inventory. For example, accidents and damage are prevented or limited due to fire.

Much depends on the time which is there to take action in the event of fire. Therefore, the fire alarm system must be reliable. This shows the quality of the components of the installation of influence, as well as the size of the installation, the tuning of the installation on the target, the use and the conditions in the object, and the execution, and the installation work. Furthermore, the fire alarm should be timely sent to the appropriate information (forwarding notifications) to make the appropriate people and agencies and any other controls to fire protection systems.

Provision of a fire alarm system is a job for specialists with appropriate skills and good working procedures. They need the product they deliver, and the circumstances in which that product must do through and through his work. Providing a Certificate fire alarm system gives the customer the assurance that the delivered system meets the criteria.

In the field of fire alarm systems is recognized as Steegman electrical fire company, fire alarm maintenance company and fire alarm company, KIWA / NCP in accordance with the arrangements fire alarm systems which managed the Centre for Crime and Security (CCV).