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Steegman Elektrotechniek aspires to maximise the client’s return by ensuring reliable, safe, efficient and fault-free operation of technical installations. We strive for continuity in the cooperation and partnership with our clients.

Steegman Elektrotechniek BV is a medium-sized national electrical installation company that is part of the Steegman Group. The company has long been involved in large-scale new-build and renovation projects in the utility market, including care homes, office buildings, hotels and museums.

The electrical installation company designs, realises and maintains high-quality electrical, data- and security installations. Safety, health, efficiency and environmental awareness are central to this company.

Steegman has also developed a special lighting control system: the EVRplus-system. This is a high-quality flexible and energy-saving lighting control system that can even yield energy savings of up to 40% per year.


Steegman Elektrotechniek is a family business with a sense of social responsibility. Just before the Second World War, grandfather Steegman started his own electrical installation company. That seems a remarkable moment, but in those days of high unemployment, the step to owning a company was in fact a very logical one.

The electrical engineering business has not been a bad thing for the family. Anno 2023, the Hague-based Steegman Elektrotechniek has grown into a thriving company with almost 100 employees.

Roos en Doorn B.V.: Versatile, Reliable, Expert.

Roos en Doorn Electra B.V. is an established name in electrotechnical Holland and even far beyond. Relationships with our clients are long-lasting and often go back decades. That is not surprising, because choosing Roos en Doorn is choosing for certainty, expertise and total solutions.

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