Services overview


Electrical installations are often wrongly considered maintenance-free. Due to temperature fluctuations, vibrations, moisture and ageing, connections and earthing can deteriorate, causing installations and equipment to malfunction. But in addition to building regulations, the Building Decree also stipulates mandatory maintenance for the fire alarm system and emergency lighting.

Based on preventive, condition-based and corrective maintenance, Steegman Elektrotechniek can keep your installations at the agreed level.

We use online tools for reporting, our specialists send the inspection report directly from the site, complete with a list of any anomalies found, supported by photos and measurements.


Would you like an insight into the technical quality of the electrical installations within your building for the preparation of a multi-year maintenance planning and budget? Steegman Elektrotechniek can assess and value the installation based on NEN 2767.


To gain insight into the costs of (future) maintenance, we can draw up a multi-year maintenance plan (MJOP) together with you.

Steegman elektrotechniek naturally includes possible electrotechnical energy-saving measures in this plan DMJOP where D stands for sustainable.


A maintenance contract is always tailor-made for Steegman Elektrotechniek. We can easily fulfil “standard” maintenance contracts but also performance contracts or full-service contracts.