Electrical engineering at the highest level

Steegman Electrical Ltd. is a medium-sized national operating electrician that is part of the Steegman Group. The company has been involved in large-scale construction and renovation in the utility market, including care homes, office buildings, hotels and museums for years. The company designs, builds and maintains data, electrical installations, telecommunication and -security systems. Health, safety, efficiency and environmental awareness are central to this business. Additionally Steegman has developed a special lighting control system: the EVRplus system. This is a high quality flexible and energy-saving lighting control system that can even provide energy savings of up to 40% per year.


A family business with a social responsibility. Just before the Second World War, Grandfather Steegman started his own electrical installation company. That seemed a remarkable moment, but in the time of great unemployment this step was in fact a very logical one.


Steegman electronics aspires optimum efficiency through a reliable, safe, efficient and trouble-free operation of the technical equipment for the customer. We strive for continuity in cooperation and partnership with the customer.

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