Regional Training Centre

Regional Training Centre (ROC)

Steegman electronics Ltd. company has her own training center called the ROC. This training center has been established for students who have completed pre-vocational electrical engineering and want to learn more in electrical engineering. Each year, students are trained and accompanied by a practical trainer of Steegman electronics Ltd..

Some students who have completed their pre-vocational diploma will go straight to work at an electrical technical company. This often leads to some problems for both the students and the company. The student often appears to have to little practical experience and theoretical knowledge and the company has often little time for the student to learn all the techniques of the trade. The ROC was established for students that need the guidance of a practical trainer to follow a focused vocational training of about two years. After this training the student is in possession of a recognized engineering diploma (mechanic power installations).

During the training the student will work and learn at the same time. The student will work one week with an employer and the week after will do several practical exercises at the ROC led by a teacher. One day a week the students attend theoretical training at a Regional Training Centre (ROC). The practical trainer is fulltime at the ROC and has close contacts with the ROC and the employers.

In addition, the practical teacher is familiar with the various components that the students must go through to come into the possession of the diploma. The practical trainer, senior engineer and project manager at work have contact with each other to discuss what and how the student is doing at work. This enables the program to be taylor made and sees upon the things that the student is learning in the practice center and how the student performs at work.

The students on the ROC are not all employed by Steegman Electronics Ltd. itself. The students are trained for companies from across the region.

The courses can be followed on the RBOCs are:
– Technician Electrical Installations;
– Data & Security in addition to the above programs.

Steegman trains annually 6 to 8 students who, after graduating then continue with further education. Training is an important tool in Steegman as the market keeps changing and the company and her employees have to keep up with technological evolution.


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