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Lights, Turn and Motioin Technology

Halitech ECE is a technical trading company specialized in lighting, motion detection and switching technology for residential construction.

The product range is aimed at saving:

  • Energy;
  • Installation time;
  • Maintenance costs.

The program includes lighting fixtures for:

  • Offices;
  • Schools;
  • Companies and Industry;
  • Shops;
  • Park Street;
  • Safety (high protection);
  • Emergency lighting.

What can we offer

Our products offer advantages for all parties; so will a fitter quickly and easily achieve a complex installation. An advisor can still provide a quality installation within budget, often with subsidies for energy-saving measures. An architect is within the Energy Performance Standard, despite the use of, for example large windows. The project developer can offer more for the same price or the same quality at lower cost. The owner of a building has less maintenance, lower energy and operating costs still a high level of comfort.

Together with our lighting products we are able to always offer a competitive price for all your projects.


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