Steegman Electronics Ltd.. has the ability to carry out inspections and maintenance according to the NEN 3140. Our company does the testing, inspection and maintenance of your electrical installation.


Individuals and businesses want a safe workplace. For this the electrical installation should be regularly maintained and checked by a specialist. Steegman checks as an expert in your BS 3140 low voltage installation. On the basis of a checklist and through measuring and test your installation is checked for faults and protect you with this inspection unsafe situations or emergencies. To ensure a safe situation a regular maintenance and periodic inspections are necessary and also required.

Prevention is better than cure

As a company and individual sets high standards for safety within your company. To avoid unnecessary costs, it is advisable to regularly perform preventive maintenance or a thermographic inspection according to the NEN 3140 standard in addition to the mandatory annual inspection. Steegman can do this for you and has properly skilled inspectors employed.


Steegman would like to help and answer your questions about different subjects and explain it in person. Would you like to request information or an introductory meeting, please fill in our contact form. After receiving your request we will send you the requested information or contact you for an appointment.


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