Energy savings of more than 50% are easily realized in the utility sector. The switch to LED lighting plays an important role. The government encourages energy saving measures, and has financial grants available.

The LED lamp uses less energy than a CFL and is therefore a good alternative to the incandescent or halogen lamp. LED light of 5 to 10 is already enough to illuminate a room. When the halogen spot of 30 to 40 watts is replaced by a high power LED, the power consumption will already be reduced to approximately 3 watts. The duration varies now from about 50,000 to 100,000 hours which is only going to be more in the future.

It is expected that LEDs at companies will eventually replace conventional lighting. But before that happens, the applicability of LED lighting is still depending on further improvements of brightness , light color, lower costs and a better quality of life.

In cooperation with the switching system provided by Steegman Halitech – ECE it can amount to saving energy to over 40%.


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